Flipping the BMAH off

Mommar here.

The Black Markey Auction House that sits in the Valley of the Four Winds area has been forgotten for many servers.   There is the occasional brave soul that goes there to pick up their invitation to the Brawler's guild,  or on the off chance that a piece of epic gear sits there for a low bid.  But for the most part many of the items become overpriced rather quickly.

But occasionally there are a few things that pop up for bidding that should intrigue gold goblins.   Pets will appear for bidding that are more difficult to obtain than just walking up and plunking down some cash.  Pets from the Argent Crusade or long lost areas that very rarely players will go to gather.

Sometimes even epic patterns will appear for purchase.  Ones that can gain profit for the crafty gold goblin that can purchase the materials for a song.   The key is to know your market on your server and realize just what would sell and what wouldn't sell.   What materials are plentiful on your server and which materials are players struggling to obtain.  What is the tipping price for sales for a level 490 items vs a 500+ ilvl item obtained in the highest raids.   Just how much are players willing to spend on vanity items or the 'cool factor' to have a nice helm.

Your cost price and just how much profit you can squeeze out of a BMAH flip should dictate whether it is a good investment,  or to walk away and live to bid another day.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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