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Since this journal started many people have viewed different strategies on how to make large amounts of gold.   The reality of it is that making gold is not rocket science.  It's keeping a balance between a strict regiment of ventures.   Whether you are taking chances on a large ticket item,  or clicking your way through small transactions over a long period of time.

None of these strategies are rocket science.   They may seem that way from time to time,  when writers through numbers at you.   Buy this,  sell that,  spin around three times in Stormwind and hope that someone wants to pay you gold.

But each profession has a 'go to' item that continually sells.  Leatherworkers have armor patches,  Blacksmiths have belt buckles, tailors have bags that continually put gold in your gold goblin pockets.   Sometimes these profits seem small,  a miniscule portion of a larger wanted a fortune.  But this is the stabilizing function of your long term goals.   Any type of financial structure, whether it's stocks,  bonds,  gold market or even collecting pennies will be much more successful if you have a base to build the portfolio upon.

World of Warcraft is a game,  it should be treated as a game with winners and losers.   Making gold in this environment is just another way of keeping score.   In any game you will have your star players,  and you will have your durable rugged players that you know will be there every day you take the field.   Your 'go to'  sale items are those rugged players that might not bring the big money into your coffers,  when the score is counted can equal just as many points as the star players.

My current list of my 'go to' sales are.

Tailoring -  Netherweave Bag
Engineering - Ghost Iron Dragonling
Blacksmithing - Living Steel Belt Buckle
Inscription - Tiger Claw Inscription
Enchanting - Enchant Weapon - Windsong
Leatherworking - Stormscale Drape
Alchemy - Potion of Luck

One thing with all of these items you should notice.  None of them require the Spirits of Harmony to craft.  We have talked before about the value of these Spirits of Harmony and saving them for high profit items.   You also might have your favorite items that would fit into this baseline profit making idea.  Each server is different but the theory still holds it's truth.

Keep your baseline sales items strong as you delve into riskier ventures.   As your profits rise you will be much happier and when the high end items start to cool,  you will still be plugging along to your gold goblin goals.

Good luck and Good Hunting

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