It's Childrens Weak... I Mean Week

When I first started playing World of Warcraft there were certain yearly events that I looked forward to.   Children's Week was one of them.   Looking at how you obtained the different pets i knew that this was not going to be a smash and grab type of event.  Originally there were three pets and that it would take three years to complete.

The first pet I obtained from finishing up the Children's Week Death march through Azeroth and Outland was One Eyed Willie (now boringly known as Sleepy Willy).   Lots of entertainment and laughter was brought the first raid into Karazhan with all of our newly received pets leading the charge.

The next year I finished up the run to obtain my second favorite crack addicted pet Eggbert.   How many times this little idiot looked like he was going to aggro mobs in a raid (there was always that fear even if we knew better that somehow there would be a glitch and the little twerp would cause us to die hard that round).

Onward through the next year I obtained Elekk Training Collar.   The Cataclysm expansion brought some changes to the quest hub through Azeroth but it still had the same feel of go here,  dance a jig,  go here,  buy something etc.   Even the allure of selling ice cream in the middle of your home city for exhorbant fees lost its charm when it could be easily obtained.

With the introduction of account bound pets,  the game has taken it's final toll on what has become a chore of a holiday.   If you have all of the pets (which I have) then you can finish up the quest line for the enjoyment but there is no end reward other than 25 pet biscuits while amusing loses the charm of another pet.   With the quick introduction of patches and new content it may be time for Blizzard to revamp another world event to give more enjoyment to the masses.

Now onto the fun of making gold.   After that gloom and doom intro,  Children's Week can be a money making venture if you think outside the box.   With quest lines that require Ice Cream (Tigule And Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream,  many players will be looking to the Auction House to pick these up quick.   There is a vendor in both Stormwind and Orgrimmar but people tend to be lazy when it comes to items such as this.  It will not make you tons of gold but you could obtain a certain amount of beer money as you continue on.

The other item to look at doing is if you have a two person mount to give guided tours.   Especially in Outland it's a long trek for some players since they haven't unlocked all of the areas.   Lower level new characters may be willing to throw a few gold pieces your way for a guided tour as you are obtaining your pets.

The gang at Icy-Veins has an excellent write up on the achievements needed for the long strange trip meta-achievement.  Go here to make things just a little bit easier for yourself.

So enjoy the event,  enjoy your new pets or pet biscuits and game on.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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