Lions, Tigers and Cooldowns O My

Mommar here.

We have talked often about having a pattern when you log on.  The different styles of setting up your chore list depends many times on the time that you have.

With Patch 5.2 all of the major professions received a cool down of some type.   With Blacksmithing and Leatherworking this allowed the learning of new patterns.   These should have become a part of every gold goblins daily chores.  

Leatherworking  -  Magnificance of Leather or Scales  (20 Exotic Leather or 20 Prismatic Scales)

Blacksmithing  - Lightning Steel Ingot  (10 Ghost Iron Bar)

Inscription -  Scroll of Wisdom  (1 Light Parchment + 3 Ink Of Dreams)

Alchemy -  Living Steel  (6 Trillium Bars)

Enchanting  - Sha Crystal  (5 Ethereal Shard or 25 Mysterious Essence or 125 Spirit Dust)

Tailoring - Imperial Silk  (8 Bolts of Windwool Cloth)

Some of these have the ability to have more than 1 created each day with use of Spirits of Harmony but I rarely suggest using this method.  There is more advantageous and money making profit from using the Spirits of Harmony for crafting items.   If Blizzard decides in a future patch to remove the Spirits of Harmony BOP status then this will become a much more desired method.

Some are probably going 'duh Mommar,  I already knew all this'.   My answer would be to remember that when that large task of things to do seems impossible,   going back to basics and getting your base materials can open up what should be done next.   Whether you have 2 of the 6 major professions or all 6 in your alt army,  finishing up your basic tasks will put you in a better position for gold making possibilities.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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