Patch 5.3 on the Horizon

Your friendly neighborhood Mommar here.

So if you started your game this weekend,  like millions of players did.  You got to see the downloading screen once again starting to pick up background data for the new Patch 5.3.  Usually this means lots of speculation on when will it drop,  what should I do and at what point do I get to panic.

The quick answer is who knows,  the same thing you're doing now and only in view of a camera for your future fame.   Mists of Pandaria developers have been pretty good at getting new content out quickly to balance between repetitiveness of previous expansion patches and not enough time to enjoy that new fresh smell that you get when new goodies arrive.

In this case it does bring to a question just what needs to change in your daily and weekly strategy as far as lower level gear.  The Isle of Thunder was very much a catch up hub on raiding gear.   The ease of obtaining reputation and higher level gear through crafting,  grinding out the reputation to reward and Looking For Raids that were put on a farm very quickly caused low level gear to not be as desired.   Sure players would pick up items to fill in spots in their ilvl gear.  But greens took a serious hit unless they had an extra special look to them,  or were cheap enough to Disenchant for materials.

This is a good time to start to dissect the PTR patch notes for investments and items that you expect to be in demand in the near future.   And to start to do a slow burn on holding materials for enchants and armor patches when they become in demand after Patch 5.3 drops.

Just keep up the good fight.   We're all in this together.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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