Possible Glyphmas With Patch 5.3?

Mommar here.

On many servers,   Inscription is the red headed step child of World of Warcraft professions.   On many servers it is easily controlled by a few who will undercut glyphs and items, making the sales have low profitability and hardly worth the time for listing.   On other servers players make a large amount of gold by placing glyphs up on a daily basis.

Patch 5.3 might be opening a new chance at a burst of sales.   The PTR's and blue notes are showing the possibility of opening up a 3rd slot for changing your specialization.    Many players,  especially tank classes have filled their quotas with one tank slot and one DPS slot.   With a 3rd slot possibility many of these players may look at PVP as an other slot option for enjoyment.

Where many players have filled all of their glyph slots from previous changes,  others pick and choose just what they need to use for that time.   With Some glyphs being up to 300g a piece,  it was difficult to afford to have all of the glyphs for a class.  With a 3rd slot some of these empty spaces will get filled with new items useful for the new chosen specialization.   And with Inscription being where it's at sales wise,  new chances at sales even if it's for a 1 to 2 week basis will be very useful.

So how do you prepare for this?   You have a couple of options.    Picking up inexpensive herbs will allow you to craft items as soon as demand hits after the dropping of Patch 5.3 (which no one knows when it will hit).   Also keeping an eye for already crafted glyphs and picking them up for a song to flip when the time is right.   The 2nd possibility for flipping glyphs can be used by both scribes and non scribes.

Every patch that gets released allows chances to maintain a steady flow of gold,  plus jump on trends to obtain burst sales for your gold goblin pockets.  Prepare now and ride the wave.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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