Snakes in the Playground

Mommar here.

If you haven't read the recently released PTR notes,  then I will pause while you make the choice of having a big spoiler or not.




Well I did warn you.

It looks like that Uncle Hellscream is going for a larger quotient is disappointment with Orgrimmar come patch 5.3.   He is shutting down sales and just about everything in the Valley of Spirits.   Where there are other options in Orgrimmar to get your banking,  your vending and other necessaries finished (I'm sure he will install a quarter stall somewhere).  One of the lost victims up to now is Xan'tish who sells snakes.

While it's early in the patch notes and things could change including an alternate place to purchase your King Black Snake,  Brown Snake and Crimson Snake,  its just as possible as these might become rare to find.   Until we know for sure the fate of our slithering friends it is something to look at to see an opportunity for quick profits.

With these changes in the Valley of Spirits also keep in mind need to change your portal areas.   I use the Valley of Spirits as my hearthstone area for two of my toons.   It is one of the easiest access points to the Auction House,  forge,  and mailboxes without the need to move a long distance.

Planning ahead will allow you to be prepared for whatever changes that occur from the Garrosh changes upcoming.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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