Weekend Warriors

Mommar here.

It's the weekend.   And here at Just my two copper headquarters:  camp midwest it's the first weekend that has half decent weather.  With everything that occured this week around the United States we all needed a semi relaxing weekend.

There is a program on ESPN that is called 'numbers never lie'.  And they never do if they are looked at the right way.   You can look at how many players are slinging their crafts and items on the Auction House,  or in trade chat and get frustrated by the competition.  Or it can rev you up to step up your game and your ability to be better than the casual gold goblin.

Some of the things to keep an eye on this weekend if good flipping opportunities.  Blacksmiths are going to be to the point of being able to craft directly up to the 'reborn' series of weapons.  These are the 502 weapons that use the old weaponmaster only designs.   Where they aren't the most powerful pieces in the game currently they have that old school style that many players are willing to pay premium prices for.

One of the tricks that I would use is instead of burning your Lightning Steel Ingots to craft the first step of these weapons,  look for an inexpensive version that can be upgraded with less materials used.  For instance

You purchase Thunder, Reborn for 20,000G

You Upgrade this weapon at the lightning forge to Deep Thunder, Reborn

Now,   One caveat of this strategy is that you need to already have crafted at least one of the beginning items to have the pattern for the upgrade.  It is the only way to obtain the pattern.  But even the original 478 item can sell/resell for a large amount of gold.

Big ticket items if your careful can be flipped for very large short gains.  The important part is to know your market and what players are willing to pay.  Overpricing a flip can be a drain on your bank account just as quickly.   But even if your using this simple strategy as a long term flip,  you have months being able to obtain that coveted sale.

Big ticket,  material heavy items can be both a positive and negative force on your bank account if you use your mental toolbox and roll the dice.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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