Enchanting Addons for quick flips

Each of the addons I have in my arsenal serve a distinct purpose.   Using addons such as Spartan for my look and keybinding to Trade Skill Master for my general Auction house interface.   Every addon does a specific group of tasks that are useful to me.

One that I use continually is called Enchanting Shuffler.   Using this combined with either TSM or the Auctioneer package allows me to get a quick screen shot of the enchanting materials market on your server.

Where TSM is very useful for general overall information.  The bigger it becomes,  the more of a learning curve that is necessary to make it very useful.  With the volatility of enchanting materials on servers from time to time,  having up to date information can be crucial.

Where running a full TSM scan (or using the automatic scanner add-on they provide from the TSM website) is a good benefit if you're working on all of your auctions.   Having a small quick view of the enchanting market can show you where the market if flows that day.   

Keep this in mind and install it and give it a try.   Knowing your conversions (5 to 1 for each enchanting material level in MOP) will give you a quick view of just what is the cheapest way to obtain materials.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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