How Does Free Gear Effect The Market?

As a Gold Goblin,  free gear is the bane of my financial existence.  When I'm at my most goblinesque I would prefer to sell everything to a player,  including the Under-Roos they wear with Garrosh's face imprinted on the tucas (I said tucas,   we're a family friendly blog here thank you).

Players continue into the Mists of Pandaria,  leveling up alternates and getting them placed in whichever skill they choose them to have.  Whether they are raiding toons,  support professions or just so they can do a couple of pet battles for the fun of it.   Each has to be geared accordingly.   With each patch Blizzard makes the gear more and easier to obtain.  At level 90 with a few Valor Tokens a player can drift their toon over to the Isle of Thunder and get themselves a Epic Lvl Belt and Neckpiece.   With the new patch just a few weeks away another area becomes open and the more epic gear will be handed to those that help with the storyline of Garroshs' fall from the throne.

Where free gear does effect the high end players need to purchase certain items,  this doesn't eliminate them as possible sales.  Where belts and neck pieces are given out like Chiclets,  weapons and bracers and other gear areas are sorely lacking.   Players still choose many times to purchase items for their alternate toons instead of grinding out reputation for the more powerful items.

So where each patch introduces more freebies,  keep to your plan and look for the kinks in the free loot web.  Don't forget also your ability to flip/produce the enchants that will be in demand as well.  The more free gear that is bought out,  the more need to enhance that gear with new power and shiny gloss.

Free Items can adjust your plan of attack when it comes to making gold.  But it shouldn't knock you off your game plan.  Smart gold goblins know that when one door closes,  you just kick it open again.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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