Patch 5.3: Bring Out Your Miners

Mommar here.

So patch 5.3 is just over the horizon.   It wasn't that long since we said the same thing about patch 5.2 and even rewinding to the introduction of Mists of Pandaria.

With MOP the powers that be are shrinking the difficulty of leveling new professions.   With the changes in Blacksmithing,  old world materials were no longer needed to obtain maximum level.  I would expect the same to occur over all of the professions at some point in the future.

Patch 5.3 also introduces this same change to the mining profession.  No longer will it be necessary to go to old world areas to level mining.   This is a great idea for players who want to change from a crafting profession to a gathering profession.   The caveat with this is that most players already carry a farming character on their roster.   And having two maximum level farming characters tends to be inefficient.

If you looked at this change in the mining profession casually it would almost be assumed that this would drive the cost of ore down.  The idea being everyone grabbing their favorite toon,  changing their profession to mining and picking the world apart.   Again the odds of this are slim because only a few do not carry a mining character already.  With little or no additional ore being placed in the Auction House,  prices won't raise or lower that much.

But for players that don't already have a miner on their roster,  this is a great opportunity to get one into the action.   Where I'm not a huge fan of farming for materials,  there is a benefit of taking the time and farming both minerals and skins.   Combine this with a Potion of Luck it's not unheard of to rack up 250-500g per hour for just the cost of your time.

All of this is based on your play style and what you enjoy doing.   Some players enjoy just 'vegging' out and mining/skinning for profit.  There is nothing wrong with this,  and this profession change can give players who have abandoned the mining profession to return to the fold and gather some rock.

Just leave a little out there for me.   I'm bringing my army of new miners.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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