Patch 5.3: First Impressions

It's two days since patch 5.3 hit our greedy little computer hands.   Needless to say after the first day of bugs and fixes made its way through the system it was a success.

The new heroic scenarios definitely become a challenge at first.  The same with the new regular scenarios and added heroic quests.  It will take a couple of weeks before most of these will become much easier.

The content itself,  including the horde changes (no spoilers) were pretty good.   My biggest concern is the burnout factor that some of these will entail.  It took less than a month before the 'new' content of 5.2 became another grindfest.  With patch 5.3 not having as much new content as 5.2 contained,  there is a high chance that the wow factor will disappear quickly and everyone will be back to the wondering what's next.

PVP still has to shake itself out with the queueing issues for healers.  Also with the removal of one of the new battlegrounds of the random rotation a sure fire hit became a swing and a miss in a moments notice.

Still this patch will mature in the next couple of weeks which will help.   I was glad to see the upgrades to items returned.   Many players were running out of places to use their Valor points unless they were heavily into raiding.  Now there is a good funnel for extra valor points once a player has geared their toon.

Auction House has been doing well.  As always riding a wave of new shining items that people want immediately.  I was happy with the short investments I did in ore and in higher end crafting items for quick flips.   It's still early in the wave so this weekend will tell just how successful my gold goblin senses were.

Between now and the weekend I will be searching for players unloading their materials onto the open market.  Some players will be underwhelmed with the new content and look to leave the game.  So grabbing a good deal will become just as important as killing that latest mob.

Keep your head above the water.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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