Patch 5.3: It's here... well tomorrow

Mommar here.

Tomorrow is patch day for 5.3.   The race will be on to get the new achievements and new scenarios.   I"ve always prescribed to the wait and see what happens when it comes to the first day of a patch.

This isn't my first rodeo when it comes to new patches.   Four expansions with at least 4 patches in each expansion has taught me a few things.

1.   Be prepared to wait.

Problems with the patch will happen.   Some patches have had little problems other than a few bugs but none of the patches have ever been implemented that didn't need any type of quick fix.

2.   Update your add-ons for the next week.

During the first week of the patch you should just add the time to your daily progress to update your add-ons.  New items and additions to the UI interface wreck havoc on add-ons.  Especially anything that changes buttons or customizes how the interface looks.

3.   Players will want the best equipment and upgrades as fast as possible.

With the new shield heirloom items as well as new pvp weapons and cloaks,  players will want to add more power to each item.  This means not just direct enchanting will get a boost but also the materials will get a healthy boost at the start.   Later on when the excitement is done and everyone is back to their reputation grinding prices should go back to their stable amount.

4.    People will be grouchy.

Any problem with the patch will cause a ripple effect in the attitudes of many players.   WOW has an instant gratification game in many ways.   Players are getting used to the idea of login,  go to a certain place and loot loot loot.   This works to a certain point.  But if something goes wrong,  then players will tend to grumble and rant that things are too difficult or it takes too long.  Keep this in mind and do not let it drag down your attitude.

5.  There is gold out there.

New content brings back players into the fold.  They want to see the next part of the storyline.  So players who want some downtime will jump back into the fray and look to see the new shiny fun items.   Look to sell to them.  Gems,  Enchants,  patches,  crafted quality weapons and armor.   Return players can add a bit of coin to your coffers.

6.  Have fun.

It's a game.  Treat it that way.  If things get too frustrating,  then go and read a book and come back tomorrow.   The game has been here for over 10 years,  it will be there for another day.

Good Luck,  Good Hunting and see you on the other side of the patch.

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