Patch 5.3: Preparing for the Arrival

Mommar here

The powers that be announced in a tweet (yes,   people still tweet in this world and not just Kanye) that the new patch (patch 5.3) would drop on the 22nd of May.

Good news for those that are looking for new content and new opportunities.   Bad news for those that dislike new and shiny things.   If you haven't started downloading the patch in the background make sure to turn on your Wow starter screen before you go to bed tonight.

Between now and then will be a great time to pick up a few items to prepare for the oncoming patch storm.  There were very few direct changes to professions other than the mining and Herbalism.   With new heroic scenarios,  pvp battlegrounds and other changes this is going to feel more like a maintenance patch at first than a huge influx of content.

For the gold goblin in all of us there will be opportunities to flex our fingers and get to the gold grabbing.   New equipment always means new chances to sell item enhancements.   So having a good stockpile of enchanting supplies and raw materials (Living Steel,  Magnificant Hides) for patches will set you up.  Don't forget your conversions so that you're not just buying Hides at high prices when you can convert lower leathers to what you want.  

50 exotic leathers = 1 magnificent hide
1 daily Magnificance of Leather/Scales gives you the same Magnificent hide at half the cost (25)

If you're like me,  the Jewelcrafting market has been steady but not stellar.  Most of this is from the big 4 gems (+agi,  +str +int +stam) been up and down like a yo-yo for sales.  Just when I flip the market to a good price I like (200-250 per) someone runs in to quickly undercut it at drastic prices.   So in my bank there are a few extra red gems that need a good home.   Keeping an eye on sales and seeing just where the market rolls will let you get rid of some excess inventory.

Inscription is going to be an interesting beast to keep an eye on.  As I explained earlier with the introduction of the third specialization for their characters,  players are going to want to fill holes in their glyph book so that they can be a triple threat (tanking,  dps, pvp) or any other mixture.   The inscription market is depressed so it will be tricky to decide whether to craft/flip glyphs for players to purchase.  Or to just take the profits from other professions and walk away.   Keeping an eye on the secondary markets (herbs, alchemy) to see just what happens with their relationship to inscriptions.  

Excitement is always in the air with a new patch.  And new adventures await for the brave who take the plunge into new markets.   Keep your eyes on the prize and see you on the other side.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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  1. Hey nice site =) Will come here more often and read =)

  2. I don't understand why you keep mentionning a third spec. There were some hints but it's definitely not coming in the 5.3 patch.

  3. The magnificience CDs use 20 leather/scales, not 25.

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