Pre Patch 5.3 Setup

Mommar here.

Patch 5.3 is on the PTRs and with the background data coming to a computer near you,  it will be soon that many will be leaving the Isle of Thunder and moving on to more fertile grounds.

This also means that players who don't actively raid will be looking to level their alts.  Many will be setting their alternates for level 90 crafting and obtaining patterns that still can sell.   This is of course assuming they haven't already been doing this as we go.

Patch 5.3 will be introducing some interesting wrinkles into both how players will set their mains and alt armies for both professions and daily grinding.   With a tri-spec system many players will be working with a PVP-DPS-Heal/Tank setup.  This will be a good opportunity to make sure that you have glyph sales available for players to pick up.  Not just after the patch drops but before.  Players are becoming more and more intelligent so they plan ahead and purchase before the glyphmas rush.

Pure PVP power gems are going to take a hit because the powers that be are lowering their strength.   So start making sure you have the PVP pwr/secondary gems ready to go.   With Gem Sales being weak a new breath of fresh air to possible sales would be very welcome.

I"ve already looked at flipping the market when it comes to gems and enchants.   Depending on the purchase cost of bracer enchants and weapon enchants they will be in high quick demand as players enter new PVP zones and new raids.  

As players continue to level and setup their alternate armies for professions,  some low level materials will continue to be in demand.   The change in Blacksmithing to allow players to use just Ghost Iron Ore/Bars to be able to max out their leveling caused a ding into this market.  But enchanting materials still are brisk from time to time as players look to have high level enchants on their team.

May is a good chance for beginnings,  take advantage and prepare for the oncoming profession storm.   Setting up your toon army to allow you to craft anything you want will save you gold.   Having the ability to process and craft anything for others will add more gold into your pocket.  And make you a happy gold goblin.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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  1. Anonymous said... May 7, 2013 at 4:11 AM

    Except tri-spec won't be part of 5.3.

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