Prepping for 5.3: Profit lines

Mommar here.

I had decided to take a couple of days off from World of Warcraft to work on some life projects.  Nothing spectacular,  just things that I had put off during the winter.  Now that it's finally Spring with it's matching weather on the JMTC campus:  Iowa edition.

There is a definite lull that appears to happen when a new patch is announced on the PTR's.   Now the same raids happen,  schedules are kept and loot appears in the pockets of fine young (and old players).  But the reality is that more and more players are looking at what the new patch will bring.  What new shiny toys will players get to play with?  

This can be detrimental to a Gold Goblin because players wallets tighten up at big ticket items.   We talked about that earlier with how free gear affects our profit potential.  That puckering up of the money flow causes  sellers to either change their lines of profit,  or sit back and complain when they go from 3000g a day all the way to 20g a day.

It's these times that your diversification becomes that much more important.  If you main profit lines are Jewelcrafting and Alchemy then when that well dries up,  you're parched and wandering around looking for a drink of gold.   Where if you have your three or even four different lines of profit then when one starts to fail, another can pick up the slack.

Every new patch brings on new possibilities.  The materials are inexpensive on many servers currently.   This gives you a good opportunity to prep another profession and have it add to your gold mountain.   Patch 5.3 is going to bring more opportunities for quicker leveling,  better access to higher level enchants and more opportunity to get your gold making engine running at peak efficiency.   So go back to square one,  and reset your lineup again to where it will be most profitable.  

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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