Realities Of Making Gold

Mommar here.

Here as well as other journals give high expectations on the huge amounts of gold that can be made in World of Warcraft.  Each technique or though process gives you the chance to obtain gold.  Some of the ideas are easy,  others are much more difficult and eat up your time.

But break down gold making into an exact science is the gold grade for making gold.   To be able to do 4-6 clicks of a mouse and a few wiggles at the auction house is what all players are looking for.   But let's break down exactly how much it requires in gold to make your wants and desires.

Most players do not play every day.  So for example's sake lets assume that players play a total of 180 days a year with an Avg of 1 hour a day.  Yes I fully understand that you play 4 hours a day,  rock the PVP world and grab every gold piece.    Many other players only reach the bare minimum for how much they play,  combining their real lives with their gaming lives.   So here we go:

If you make a minimum of

10g a day  =  1,800 g  a  playing year
(Equals one daily every time you log in).

50g a day =   9,000g a playing year
(Equals one daily quest a day and one random dungeon)

100g a day = 18,000g a playing year
(Equals one daily quest,  one random dungeon and a basic material flip a day)

500g a day = 90,000g a playing year
(Equals and daily quest,  one random dungeon,  basic material and doubling profit for sales)

So on and so forth.   You can see that even if you chucking down 1000g a day every time that you play you can pack 180,000g a year.  This is over and above your repair costs etc.   Making gold in World of Warcraft has never been easier.   So now that I've just shot you need to read this journal in the foot,  why would you want to continue to read?   Because if you can see that making 1000g a day takes a small amount of listing/crafting effort, the skies become the limit on just what you can obtain with a little bit more added effort.  Is 2000g out of line?   3000g?   What is the limit that you set for yourself?  

We talk many times about gold and time management.   Getting more for your time buck becomes that much more important when playing this game.  Not just this game but any money based game that is available to play.   The idea is setting up your system to obtain your goal with the least amount of time spent with chores and trivial matters.

Keep this is mind when that gold making goal seems unavailable.  When you set your goal to buy that Fluffy bunny mount that you viewed on the auction house.   It's not about how easy or difficult it is making gold in World of Warcraft,  it is about just how much perseverance you have to show up.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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