Bang the Drum Slowly

Friendly neighborhood Mommar here.

If you're a leatherworker who has a good beat,  patch 5.4 brings out a very interesting item that could get some good sales.

The PTR has Drums Of Rage on it's items to be released.

If you remember the old Drums of Forgotten Kings and Drums of Speed,  these gave a nice boost to leatherworkers pocketbooks,  especially when people were wanting to run quickly through raids and didn't bring a pet Paladin with them.

These are only on the PTR's currently so it's already been said they will end up being lowered to 25% increase in abilities.  But that's not a bad item to have if you don't bring a Shaman or Mage along for the ride.

The Drums of Forgotten Kings and Drums of Speed are still viable sales,  but many players have long forgotten their usage.  Selling them in Trade chat would seem to be a better tool than just dropping a large amount of them in the auction house.  The same goes for Runescroll of Fortitude III which can spark sales into your coffers the more players gear up for raiding content.

There are many long forgotten sales items that can be added to your arsenal to increase your profits for just a little research and work.   What other items can you be selling that are long forgotten tools of the raiding trade?

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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