Dailies, Weeklies, Now yearlies

Everyone has a certain amount of luck when it comes to playing World of Warcraft.  That last bleed you dropped on an epic boss that killed him just as everyone was dying.   That timely dodge that happens when you least expect it (first time I ever survived Murmur was by pure luck dodge just at the end).

But the bane of my farming existence has always been Ice Chip.  This is the pet that drops from the bag reward when you kill Lord Ahune for the first time every day.   The temptation was to just buy the thing from the AH (about 2200g) but then I always choose the more natural way to obtain many of my pets.

When I was hunting for the Reigns of the Raven Lord from Sekketh Halls I had the most horrendous luck.   Before it was able to be soloed I had to drag a couple of friends with me.   On what had to be the 110th time it dropped,  but I gave my partner a shot to win it and they beat my roll.  Many dents were left on my desk after that.  Finally after about 6 months of work,   going day by day running the instance I was finally able to watch it drop.   I did my nekkid run around all of the major horde cities in celebration.

So why am I telling you all of this self induced misery?   Because I am not the only pet person in the game.  But many are just as willing to pay the price of the auction house or trade chat for a pet.  The Ice Chip as well as the pet that is available from the Darkspear rebellion quartermaster are difficult to obtain,  and will be worth gold in your pocket.   Not just now but later on in the future.   For the Darkspear rebellion pet those will be much more valuable when they won't be available to the masses.   Same with the Ice Chip that once the Fire Festival is finished it will be in demand til the next holiday.

Yearly events can bring quick gold in your pocket,  but the savvy and always thinking gold goblin will measure the quick profit of today vs the possible future profits when items are more limited.  

Now time to go and beat on Lord Ahune again today.   Whats my name... yeah that's it

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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