Distopian View Of Money

Mommar here.

First I will apologize for the Quarter word (or is that two silvers word) in the title.  But that describes the view I have from time to time having gold.

I"ve told my rags to riches story a couple of times here so I won't bore you with the details.   The short version is that I started this game knowing nothing,   stumbled, bumbled and made mistake after mistake to get to where I'm at now.

You've also heard me say time after time to find your own motivation.  Whether you are the gold thirsty goblin that never has enough.  Setting up your own goals to have every pet or every mount or own every piece of tier gear.   Whatever gets you to roll out of the proverbial gold making bed that day is entirely up to you.

There is a catharsis to starting at a minimum and building it up again.   There have been many players that have given up their vast fortunes and started all over for the challenge.  Saluting them I know that the fallback position of having a large bank account has kept me from taking this drastic of a jump.

As more and more new toys and items are dropped for people and made more available in the auction house,  there becomes a chance to decide whether that item is worth the time it took to make that gold.  A farmer that ends up with 1000g a day is going to value each and every gold piece a little bit more than someone who is generating 10,000g a day.  Each item becomes more or less valuable depending on the difficulty of obtaining it.

That same thought process goes to running instances and scenarios/world bosses to obtain items.   Where you cannot truly put a monetary amount on how much those boots of awesomeness were,  you can figure out a rough estimate of just how much time you spent to obtain them.   And just how quickly they will be replaced by something much more shinier.

This doesn't mean that it's hopeless to buy things from the Auction House.   Gold Goblins not only deal with pluses and minuses with gold.  But also just how much they can save depending on the item.   Have you looked to start a panda on a different server and then level them up to obtain the pets that are only available to them?   You get the enjoyment of trying something completely new,  and when you're done you can sell those pets for cash and prizes.   How are you dealing with the greens and even the purples that you obtain from running low end instances.   Do you just automatically drop them to be disenchanted,  or sell them for a few rounds to see what you can get.

Whether you make an instant decision on value,  or do a little research on an item.   Just how much of a value an item has is determined by the vlue you have for it yourself.  Keeping this in mind will help you price things better for mass consumption,  or for that big sale that noone believes you could have made.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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