Five Rules For Dating My Gold Stash

Everything that I write here is what I apply when it comes to my deals.   Little pieces of information on how I have enlarged my warcraft fortune.   Some are tips and tricks that I've picked up from other places.   Some ideas are purely my own.   Other ideas are general opinions on how I believe someone should act every day of their life.

Everyone makes choices on how they will act and react when it comes to trades.   Noone should give a definite 'Act like this and you will win a million gold' response.  There are no guarantees in life.  And there are no guarantees that all of your deals and sales will happen in your favor.  For me these rules set up for better opportunities in my life.

1.   Be honest in all of your sales.

Through 6+ years of playing wow I feel that I have never actively messed someone over.   I have taken advantage of situations,  but always gave them what I felt was fair market value on what they sold.   There have been some sales that I decided where too much to my advantage that I explained what they could do to obtain profits.   They returned to thank me and became some of my best customers over the years.  

2.   Be creative

Thinking outside the box is half the fun of gold making.  Any gold goblin can run the same economic structures and procedures to obtain gold.  The creative side is what takes those materials that you just obtained and turn them into a gold making machine.

3.   You will lose from time to time

Not every deal that I have started worked out well.   For the longest time I sat on a plethora (there is your quarter word for the day) of Elementium Ore in my banks.  I won't say how much I had but lets just say that I could have supported at least two guilds in how much was in my possession.  I ultimately broke even (and if you count time lost a few gold) on the entire deal.   But instead of complaining,  I went onto the next deal and learned my lesson.

4.   Speculate,  and Instigate

You can sit around and hope that deals fall into your lap.  There is a ton of information available through not just this journal but other places.   The more you research,  speculate on what might occur and look to instigate deals,  the more opportunities will 'fall' into your lap.

5.   Have fun

I have said this time and time again.  It's a game.  It's not a chore,  or a job unless someone is paying you to play.   When it stops being fun,  take a break.  Go and walk,  enjoy the family and never ever EVER turn down date night for this game.  It just isn't worth it.  Have fun.

What are your rules for dating your gold stash?

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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