The Barrens Feel So So Barren

One of the parts of Mists of Pandaria I have enjoyed the most is the epic storyline with how much of a pain in the butt Garrosh has become.   From when he took over as leader of the heart and a small 'skinning' raid to the beginnings of the epic conclusion to the storyline sometime in the future.

Patch 5.3 brought the next step to the Garrosh's quest for a refocusing of the Horde to Durotar and the Barrens.   Since I was busy playing on another server with low level characters I had not taken a look at the storyline til a couple of days ago.

Your first steps start with a letter (the post office department in Warcraft has to be losing money somewhere) that takes you back to Pandaria.   After finishing a couple of quick scenarios you're sent off to talk to Vol'jin in Sen'jin Village.

I"m not going to bore you with the details other than most of these directed quests are relatively easy.   But after you talk to Vol'jin the first time if you look a little bit to your left you will see my favorite word.   Quartermaster.   Quartermasters always have interesting things that might bring more profits to my pocket.  And this one is no different.

So as I was thumbing through the different items most of them were personal bind on pickup gear that probably wouldn't be able to be resold.  But then I stumbled upon an interesting little item.

Gahz'rooki's Summoning Stone

Okay.  So this suspiciously looks like a new pet.   New Pet generally gives good profits.  Especially for players who don't participate in storylines.   It requires one Radical Mojo which can either be obtained from the weekly quest provided after finishing the directed plotline.

But look at the logic here.   This is going to be one of those areas that will end up disappearing sometime in the future.  At some point the Darkspear rebellion will no longer be in rebellion (at least we hope so) and that means no more quartermaster.  Oooo I am starting to like the sound of this one.   Disappearing quartermaster,  possibility of a rare pet that won't be obtainable anymore (anyone hugging their Spirit of Competition yet?

So what to do,  what to do.   A quick jaunt over to Theunderminejournal gives me the average mean of 700-1500g per pet.  Not a bad profit for about an hour and a half of work.  But I look at what the future might bring.   How difficult would it be to start to finish a dual profit campaign.   700g is nice but I like to be a gambling person.  And at some point there will be a new influx of players who want this pet.  

So I started working the auction house to see just how much on my home servers they were going for.   Not surprisingly they were hitting the average cost of around 900g.   I can invest a few thousand gold to flip the market and end up with my favorite Zero Balance Investment strategy.

This was my thought process from just a simple idea of what the future might bring in a pet.   The other items are very similar (if you notice,  the items from the Darkspear Rebellion Quartermaster are BOE,  it's the mojo that is BOP) you can drop some of these on the Auction House for the extra lazy players as well.  

Profiting from a simple plot driven storyline,  and learning how to take advantage of new areas becomes second nature once you have done it once or twice.   Just keep an eye on your server and see if the economy can support it.   And as always your milage may vary so don't go too deep in the hole just to end up on the other end of a bad deal.  Sometimes just taking the gold and run is as good of a strategy as any.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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