Transmog Me Baby

 [ tranz móggrə f ]   
  1. Change form grotesquely: to change the appearance or form of something, especially in a grotesque or bizarre way

I have not actively written about Transmogrify (yes,  it actually is a real word) because it's such a perilous market that you can gain and lose a fortune by one or two decisions.

In layman's terms transmogging an item change how players view the item when looking at your toon.  Whether it's a Chestplate or pants or a big hulking sword.  It is a change in appearance and not in the stats or abilities of the item.

This area of expertise is very dependent on how the server acts and functions.  Some players will spend thousands of gold to obtain a specific look (many times having to do with skimpy clothing for women or awesomely dark and omnious for the guys).   The important part is whether you have an economy that players are willing to spend obscene amounts of gold to look good.

As Mists of Pandaria gets older,  players are going to be looking for other things to spend gold on.  Mounts,  pets and just being able to strut around their home city looking actively awesome.  This is where you study and expertise will come in handy.

My favorite sites to use to look at how something looks  when it comes to the possibility of sales and transmogging is  Where many of the sets include BOP items,  the occasional BOE items pop up that are wanted for big gold.   

One of my favorite items to still sell is the Black Mageweave Leggings.   For women it's black and skimpy and still very popular.  Also don't ignore the grey or white items that pop up such as Diamond Tipped Cane from bag of fishing treasures.   Where you might not want to spend the time to get the fishing quest done,  looking on the auction house might net you a good flip if someone unsuspecting added it cheaply to the Auction house.

So before you go and DE that weapon or that chestpiece,  take a look at just how it looks.  It might be something someone is interested in buying for their new look.  Every girls crazy for a sharped dressed toon.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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