7.7 Million Customers and Nothing Sells

If you hear in the distance you can hear the rat-tat-tat of the drums.   The Bugle is warming up for the last hurrah.  Players are ready to lament the end of an era.

Okay,   well that was silly wasn't it?   The powers that be reported once again that they lost subscribers in the past quarter.   Dropping from 8.3 million subscribers to 7.7 million in the last quarter.   That is a little bit over 8% of the subscriber base heading to greener pastures.

But in all reality are they really dropping out?   Every quarter with each new expansion, players come and go.  The burnout rate in MMO's is high as an expansion matures.  Players find other things to do.  They find new games to play for a while.  They look at the money investment they put in every month and decide whether it's worth continuing or not.

So why do some players panic when subscribers start to drop off?   Is it the bandwagon of naysayers that come around listing Blizzard as an inept company.  Are they disgruntled because everything they want is not immediately placed in the product.  Or have they lost their smile (you get a quarter if you know the reference).

How many of that 8% lost are multiple accounts,  overseas gold farmers,  players switching over free to play accounts etc.  No one really would be able to find out unless a universal survey is put out by the powers that be.  The other reality is that does it really matter?

Until the gates close in World of Warcraft,  there will always be people to sell too.  There will always be an Auction House and opportunities to strengthen those gold goblin muscles.  When the announcement of the next expansion pops up there will again be an increase in subscribers.  And with their return,  more sales will occur.

So panicking about numbers never solves anything.   Keep selling,  doing your gold progressions and be patient.  Patch 5.4 is just on the horizon.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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