Let The Stockpiling Begin

With Patch 5.4 (the patch to end all patches.... Well at least till the next expansion) the possibly final curtain call will arrive on our travels into panda land.

That means that players will be dumping inventory in their banks til set up extra space for stockpiling for the next expansion.  More and more players are learning from journals (even my musings hopefully teach from time to time) about how to obtain more and more gold in World of Warcraft.   The more players playing the stockpiling game,  the more dangerous it is to stay on top of the Gold Goblin unofficial leader board.

One thing to remember is to use your wits about you and to pull as much information as possible when any inkling comes out.  Blizzcon is only 3 months away,  and I'm expecting a huge announcement for the next expansion from the powers that be.  But even now you can watch the trend to see players empty out their extra materials.

A few simple rules will help you know for now what to look to keep and what to ignore in the next few months.

1.  Raw materials will sell well.

Every expansion has new players,  and even with the shortcuts that were created for Blacksmithing and Engineering to level the professions faster,  there will be demand for materials for crafting armor as they go.  The low end materials such as gold bars and copper bars have always been a rough area.   Many players start off being gatherers until they decide a profession.   That means a glut of low end materials.   Faster leveling also means some areas are rarely touched.   Whens the last time that you heard someone questing in
Silithus?   So having a little bit of Thorium will get you into the commodities game.

2.   Gear, Gear and More Gear.

The next expansion will probably have an opening level of 88 or 89.  Every expansion has almost doubled the power in stats and abilities.  This means that players usually stop buying top of the line from previous expansions.  So all of that Uber Blue and Purple gear overnight becomes brown gear (cause it ain't worth.... you get the point).  Even the lower level gear had more difficulty in selling because players were leveling so fast they blew through shiny gear in no time.   Weapons kept a little bit more of their sting because of how they looked to transmoggers.   My biggest seller was still the offhand items.  There are very few off hand drops as you level,  so Mages and Warlocks were either running around with big spell sticks or whining cause there was no gear for them.  Keep this in mind for the mid 20-40 leveling areas.

3.   Use your resources and experience.

There are a lot more rules that can help.  And I'm sure over the next few months we will talk about them.  But now is a good time to start sharpening your research.   If you have gotten out of the habit of spending 15 minutes a day on the different forums around the net get back to it.   Looked at Theunderminejournal to see what people are buying in large quantities?  Or selling in large quantities?  Wowhead and other reference points will have tidbits of knowledge that will get you on the right track.

Keep your eye on the prize and keep looking forward.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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