My Precious Transformer

Mommar here.

I've been open to the idea of the enjoyment of having engineers in the ranks of my professions.  Engineering in World of Warcraft is a labor of love.  Profiting from Engineering has been a labor of pain and suffering.  Even introductions to items such as the Mechano-hog and Ghost Iron Dragonling has helped with the aggravation, players still end up on the short end of many gold piles if they depend on Engineering.

But with 5.4 comes what might be our own personal mechanosavior.   The long promised Sky-claw has been scrapped for what looks like something everyone with gold will want.   The Sky Golem looks incredible in the screen shots and the action shots and video

The materials are about the same as crafting epic swords for Blacksmiths.   Breaking them down to their lowest amounts you need 30 of the new Jard's Peculiar Energy Source x 30 and 30 Living Steel.   The Peculiar Energy Source is going to be farmed in the Valley of the Four Winds.   New mobs exist in this area due to the changes coming with Patch 5.4 so expect them to hit a little bit harder (Think Isle of Thunder mobs on energy drinks).   

The Jard's Peculiar Energy Source is on a once a day cooldown timer.  This will set the ability to generate these at once every 30 days.   So that will drive up the prices.  To add a little profit keep an eye on the price of Living Steel and decide whether it is a good investment to purchase some ahead of time.   Living Steel prices have been depressed in the past month so they should start to creep up.  If you have both an engineer and an Alchemist you can save gold by crafting your own Living Steel instead of purchasing them.  29 days (that includes the first day that you get the schematic and craft your first Energy Source) will be when you can put your first transformer on the open market.   This will be a very expensive item to sell (I won't be surprised if it hits the 200,000 mark quickly) and should be in high demand by many players who have the gold to spend.

Patch 5.4 is lining up to be profitable if you have the patience and expertise to keep your costs low and stay on track with your cooldowns.   Now to see if I can't get a custom paint job on mine.  Autobots.. Roll Out

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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