Patch 5.4 prep: Do You Know Where Your Tailor Is?

The most difficult part of having multiple professions is to know where to apply your time management skills.  Spending hours gathering, buying and producing for sales.  Dividing your limited time between multiple professions that you allot.  This becomes much more apparent when a new patch arrives.  Jumping on those opening week sales where players are upgrading new gear.  Players playing with new toys from professions and hunting new little niches in the Warcraft sales world.

Tailoring is peculiar because the main tent pegs for production is the Windwool Cloth.  Windwool Cloth is Being different than other raw materials (Ghost-Iron Ore and Exotic Leather) in that everyone can collect Windwool Cloth as they loot dead mobs.  The other materials have to be gathered by specific professions.  Taking this into consideration Windwool Cloth ends up being the lowest of the different raw materials in Pandaland.  And can end up being the most profitable.

But with 5.4 another tailoring cooldown is introduced for Epic 545 gear.  Celestial Cloth will require 10 bolts of Windwool Cloth with a daily timer per construction.  There is a work around using the new Spirit of War item that is obtained from DE'ing high raid gear.   The Spirit of War is also used for the actual crafting of the new 545 epic gear so using this for a simple timer would be a bad idea.

So will a new cooldown affect the amount of cloth on the Auction House?   Most tailors already have a large amount of cloth they have kept for their Imperial Silk daily.  This still will leave a good boost to the market for both the Windwool Cloth and Bolts of Windwool Cloth.  So buying and stocking inexpensive Windwool cloth and bolts can put you ahead.  This is especially important for current tailors who aren't stockpiled yet to last 30-60 days of daily transmutes.  As players again continue to explore the new areas the cloth will go back down to the levels they are now.  But taking chances to bank on a few gold savings isn't always wise.

Also with 5.4 older cloths are going to be that much more valuable.  Cloth from the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and Cataclysm expansion (Frostweave Cloth and Embersilk Cloth respectively).  There is still a nice steady stream of income from production of Netherweave Bags for new and alt toons.  Where a 50-60% profit might not always seem like a lot of gold overall.  Small amounts add up very quickly.  Selling 10 bags a day at a 30g profit (buying at 5g a stack of netherweave and selling at 38g)  can net a nice 1500g profit a week.  Some servers might not be as profitable but looking at when players are buying their bags on your server can give you that much more access to the stead bag making income.

Tailoring isn't a big mystery.  Just like all other professions it depends on supply and demand.  But the most important part is to make sure that you are the one supplying to the demand.  Players abandon professions as they continue to drift farther and farther away from Warcraft.  Jumping into those markets and being prepare will set you with your sewing machine ready to provide for the next raid tier.

Knit one.. pearl two..  

Good Luck and Good Sewing.

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