Prep for Patch 5.4: Long Term Goals

Mommar Here.

If the powers that be keep up their normal schedule,  We should be getting what could be the last patch to Mists of Pandaria in the next month or so.  Currently they are testing the new Raids (finally get to boot up Garrash's ample posterior).

Keeping an eye on the market and the changes have always kept gold goblins ahead of the curve.  Patch 5.4 should bring some interesting boosts in the economy for a short term.  That means getting your gear together,  your valor points maxxed and items in the bank ready to sell from the start.

The odds are that this will be the last patch before the introduction of a new expansion.  If you have been running instances even during patch 5.3 you've probably noticed a speed increase in completing them.   Unless you end up having a completely new level 90 geared players,  the tank and healing combo can blow through most of the instances between 20 minutes.   The benefit of this will allow players to get their new ALT toons that much quicker into high level raiding.

There has already been a slowdown on many servers for materials on the AH.  The ebb and flow of farmers and investors has kept the prices higher than normal.  Every so often you can find a pretty good deal on Gold Iron Bars (or ore) which can add to your profit margin.  Now is that a good idea to start your craft one/put materials away for a later technique that has been used many times for future profits.

The other thing to use is your lineup.   Setting your profit goals for your first week in the new patch,  your first month and even to the introduction of the next expansion will give you a base for your future professions. Do you want to make 10,000g a first week,  25,000g a first month or whatever your goals are.   Setting your goals now and expectations will guide you on what to invest in materials and time.

Time becomes your most important commodity with the next patch.   The idea is that you have to spend time to make gold changes.  You need to spend time wisely to make gold.  

Keep this in mind in the next few weeks while you're preparing for the next patch.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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