Priorities in PVP Gear Pricing

'Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes' was a nursery rhyme that I remember hearing when I was little.  The same can be applied to how you look at what to put up for your auctions.  Especially when it comes to PVP gear.

By now if you have finished all of your dailies on your tailor,  Blacksmithing and/or Leatherworker you should have all of the PVP patterns to craft.  As players finish up with Patch 5.3 and continue on to Patch 5.4 they will be looking for other things to do to occupy their gaming time.  PVP is one of those adventures that players will dabble their toes in.  And they will be looking to get their toons up and running as fast as possible.

PVP gear when it was produced in the Cataclysm expansion had a very nice profit margin for all of the pieces.  Now players have been much more particular in what they purchase.  Obtaining honor points quickly (either by exchanging extra justice points or random battlegrounds).  With the hands and boots being some of the most inexpensive of all of the honor points purchasable armor.

So why did the nursery rhyme come to mind on what to prioritize in your sales?   Because Head (helmet), Shoulders, Pants and boots will still be your bread and butter sales.  Chestplates also give the best boost for their cost to the players.  So when you look at your resources and the cost/sales ratios you create with each sale.  Deciding what to produce for sales should be based on how popular that item is (sales are going to be much lower if there are 10 pairs of boots on the auction house).  Each player will be looking to undercut the other each time that the item is relisted.   As the expansion winds down,  players will start dropping profession sales as they look to do other things in and out of the game.

Many gold goblins do not play the long game when it comes to sales.  If an item does not sell immediately they become frustrated and stop selling.   Even if an item takes a week or two weeks to sell,  you're still looking at a profit if you take the sale price and subtract the production cost and auction house listing cost/percentage).   If a pair of PVP pants costs you 250g to produce,  listing 10x (once per day for a week and a half (50g)).  If that pair of pants sells for 1000g (standard average for most pvp pants) you're still looking at over 600g profit.  Do this often enough and your ready to purchase your own condo in Azeroth.

As patch 5.4 becomes closer and closer,  looking at what to list and setting aside what materials you need will again put you on top of the pile.  So remember your nursery rhymes,  and don't sell any tuffet for that miss Muffet.  She does not tip well.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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