Take Me To Naxx

Naxxaramus during Wrath of the Lich King was the intro raid to many guilds.   Gathering 10 (Or even the brave 25 players) to run rampant around stitched golems,  Undead and even Mr Bigglesworth.   Good Fun for many including the guild I belong to.

Now that players are 10 levels ahead this ended up being a dead end to most players unless they were into nostalgia or leveling toons quickly.   This all changed in patch 5.1 with the introduction of Raiding With Leashes and Raiding With Leashes Attunement Edition.

With Patch 5.1 came three pets in Naxxaramus that players could pick up.   Even at 5.1 it was a challenge for most classes to solo with anything less than the epic raiding gear.  With 5.4 just on the horizon it is much easier to solo at least two of the three sections that drop pets.

Blighted Spore drops out from Loatheb in the plague wing of Naxx.   This can be tough to get too because of the second boss Heigan The Unclean.  On my warrior I was able to burn him down with cooldowns and a pot.  Once I reached Loatheb I was able to burn him down.  Luckily he dropped my new pet and I was able to run.   The next week I ran Naxx again and the other pets dropped for me.   Dropped it on the AH for an easy 8k counting gold and extra items sold or DE'd).

Dusty Clutch Of Eggs drops from Maxxena in the Arachnid Quarter.   These end up much easier to run (took me less than 20 minutes total) and I sold one of the eggs for 7.5k (adding the other gold and items it netted me around 11k total).

The biggest difficulty is reaching Gluth.  All of the other bosses are easy but you run into Patchwerk who can still kick most classes carcasses around.   Studying up on him and the different ways to get past him (I brought a tank friend along which helped get me past).  Once your past him then Gluth (after finishing Globbulus) is a piece of cake.   These pets can sell from 6k all the way up to 12k on some servers.

So why now talk about these?  Because with Patch 5.4 most players will have easy access to epic quality items.  Among the different professions,  faction rewards and dailies being in 490 and higher gear are relatively easy.  This means more players (especially us goblins) can run Naxx every week for a couple of hours. Netting between 6-18k for only a few hours work.  

Other raid instances exist that drop pets.   But ones like Karazhan and Molten Core and run more often than Naxxaramus.  But if you're feeling froggy running all of them can net you a nice weekly reward for the extra pets and items you sell.

Next time your in Naxx,  Smack Patchwerk for me a couple of times

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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