The End of a Pricing Era

Mommar here.  I play multiple games on different platforms.   Most of them are played from my PC.  On Facebook I play Marvel Alliance.  I also play Marvel Heroes on my PC.  Just about every game has opened up the idea of having microtransactions.

Microtransactions are items you can buy inside (or even outside) the game that will offer you different bonuses,  costumes and even advancing in levels.  In some cases such as Marvel Alliance to be one of the top players you end up having to sink some gold into buying new and advanced weapons.

I've written about this before in Why Warcraft Needs Microtransactions.   The one caveat that I've always had about World of Warcraft is that it should stay with cosmetic items to purchase.  Items that do not have an actual effect on ability.  Blizzard just introduced it's own ingame store to introduce purchases from inside the game.   This means you should be able to buy your in game pets,  new shiny transmog helms and other items to make your character look spiffy.

But on the PTR's they have also introduced potions that can affect how you play inside the game.  It looks at minimum there will be new potions to give you faster leveling ability.  Other potions could easily be added to give you more temporary health,  Attack power and any other stat.   This could easily kill the transmute market for players with more pocket money that others.   But it also could drive the market even higher because it puts these potions (Potion of Luck anyone?).

But this does create a dangerous curve that happens with many of these games that have in game microtransactions.  It tilts the game towards those with more cash instead of evening the playing field.  There have already been many complaints about the 'dumbing down' of wow for the casual player.  Players who put hundreds of hours into their character in leveling,  obtaining gear and working their professions getting lapped by someone with a hundred dollars to spend.

I"m curious just how much they will add onto the in game purchase system and just how much effect it will have on the hard core player.  And just how much profit will this add to the coffers of the corporate company.

If you want a quick preview of the new in game purchase system go to Wow-Insider and watch the short video.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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