The Pitfalls of Trade Barking

Mommar here.

For the past couple of nights that I have logged onto my home server,  There has been a player that's been barking up trade chat to sell Ghost Iron Bars.

Now this is probably nothing new on your home server.   Trade Chat (never to be confused with Barrens chat) has been a lively market to buy and sell.  Memories of running clear across Azeroth to sell a gem cut or an armor piece still make me smile.   Even today I still will jump under one of my other toons and do a little sales in trade chat.

Something stood out with this salesman (at any time you step into the trade chat arena you should stand out).  They seemed to be receiving an inordinate amount of grief about pricing.  Their pricing was a little bit below what was available on the Auction House (both from Raw product and the bars themselves).   So something must have sparked someone to start offering them much lower offers for their goods.  To the point that others began to heap onto the grief.

I looked at my notes (yes,  I do keep notes on some salespeople that stand out) and hadn't seen anything that stuck out as a problem.   So I could only surmise that he had upset someone with a previous sale and the person was making it their personal goal to destroy their business.  The abuse became so bad that I almost did a pity buy and purchase all that he had in stock (1000 bars).  When doing the calculations I could easily break even through manufacturing gear and my daily Blacksmithing creation of Lightning Steel Ingots.

But something kept me from pulling the trigger.  Generally I consider myself a good listener to my gut feelings.  If they feel something is wonky,  then I go with that feeling.  (Probably why there is no Mrs Mommar or any little Mommar's running around camp JMTC).  So I decided to walk away and do other activities before shutting down the game for the night.

More and more players entering the auction house game make things exciting.  And many blogs,  journals,  players and 'experts' will tell you that making gold is about mechanics.  That's 85% true by my estimation.  But no matter how you automate gold (TSM is still excellent at doing this), there will always be that 15% that is your feelings and emotions.  You cannot and shouldn't eliminate that gut feeling you have that a deal is too good to be true.  Especially as we continue through 5.4 and more players look to sell off massive amounts of gear to prepare for the next expansion.

But then after tonight,  anyone want to buy 1000 bars for cost plus a 'little' profit?   We shall see

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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