Walking On The Dollars

Mommar here.

One of the things that still amazes me is some of the simple things that can be crafted that people skip.   'It doesn't make enough money' is one of the biggest excuses to me.  

Now please understand just like everyone else I am continually hunting for the big score.  That one item that I can flip for 3 to 4 times the value and shower myself in virtual gold coins.   But those can be few and far between if you're not working the system continuously.

Netherweave Cloth and Netherweave Bags are one of the items that seem to get put by the wayside.  Purchasing a stack of cloth for 5g and selling the bag for 24-30g (especially on weekends) is just printing money for a tailor.  With players going on pet hunts in dungeons such as Karazhan and Tempest Keep, stacks of Cloth are continually being put on the market.

But look at the logic of why bags still sell?   You need 4 bags for your personal character to run around with and 8 bags to fill in your bank.   The next step up (Imbued Netherweave Bag) only has a storage capacity of 18 slots.  The Avg sales price for those are over 150g a piece.   So it would be relatively silly to stock all of your alts and bank toons with the Imbued Netherweave Bags or higher.   At some point Embersilk Bags might take over as the champ of the sales when it comes to personal storage.  But the materials still make them only good for main toons and players who just have to have extra storage.

There are other items that sell that may not seem like a lot of profit on individual sales.  But if you count all of the sales every day they can add up quickly.  Stacks of Runecloth,  Arcane Dust,  Scrolls and anything that players will continually use as they go through their trip through Azeroth,  Panderia and beyond.

So the next time you start looking for the big score,  look at what you have built your gold pyramid on the small scores that pop up from time to time.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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