Weekend Is Here

Mommar here.

I've worked many different jobs as I was becoming an adult.   And with anything that happens in a person's life,  I choose to pay attention to see if I could learn anything.

One of the jobs that I had was as a morning prep and pizza delivery driver.  It was an interesting job for a young adult who didn't have a lot of requirements for cash other than pay the rent and make sure the pizza was in the refrigerator.

What I did pick up from the job was the beginning of understanding of how a business works.   In this case the pizza delivery/eat in business in a small town was interesting.  During the week there was a trickle of customers that ate in the restaurant.   Including in this was also the deliveries that were made to outside customers.  It would seem that during the week the store made enough money to keep the lights on,  pay the bills and pay the employees (my favorite part of course).

It was the weekend that the store made the bulk of its profitable income.  This was the normal difference between the weekday and the weekend.   The same occurs when dealing with income in World of Warcraft. During the week you will find many times that income will be much less than during the weekend.  Consider it in mind the idea of root beer and wing money during the week,  making the house and mortgage payments during the week.

The reason for this is very similar to what happens in the restaurant business.  A smaller percentage of players log on during the week.   Finding other activities including work,  family enjoyment, etc.  On the weekend players find more time for looting,  pillaging and upgrading their gear for the raiding exploits.

It bears repeating that knowing your clients can elevate yourself into a higher tax bracket.  Allowing you to expand and even franchise your gold goblin abilities.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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