Prepping for Patch 5.4: The Beginning

In probably less than a month the powers that be will unleash patch 5.4.  Unless there is a drastic change in the landscape it will be the last patch for the pandaland expansion.   It brings the end of our trip to seeing fuzzy bears,  fuzzy logic and fuzzy gameplay.   But all is not lost.

Patch 5.4 will also bring a lot of opportunities include a new isle area to explore.  The last raid tier for the expansion and the finish of the epic story of Hellscreams rule.  If your a lore junkie like me this will be a fun patch to enjoy.

There will also be a lot of opportunities for gold making.  Players will be looking to ramp up not just for tier raiding,  but also getting their alts ready to run lower raids and instances.   All of this time looking for gear and items to buy.

In the next few weeks there will be a lot of journals and blogs talking about getting prepped for patch 5.4.  All of them will have good bits of wisdom (some more than others) so keeping your options open and looking all around will help with being prepared.

A few things to look at between now and then to take advantage of the new patch.

1.  Have your profession toons playing at lvl 90.

This may sound like a no brainer but some of the professions (such as inscription) didn't require you to reach level 90 to maximize it.   With the changes and drops for new recipes for Blacksmithing,  Leatherworking, Engineering and Tailoring you will need to be at your maximum level to take complete advantage of the patterns.

2.  Have your toons hearthstones in different areas.

My Hearthstones are set in different areas depending on the access I have in the bank and the Auction House.  Some would say that this isn't necessary because you can jaunt anywhere very quickly.  But remember that just after the patch you will have 1000's logging in at the same time.  All of them might be sitting right on the top of the Auction House or Mailbox and make it annoying to access your items.   Having your hearthstones set in different zones (Dalaran,  Silvermoon City,  etc.) can relieve a lot of the frustration of seeing 20 people dancing on the tip of the mailbox.

3.  Have someone sit on the mixed Auction House In Tanaris.

On many servers this has become a lost art to 'snipe' players transferring items across factions.  You hate it when it happens to you,  but love it when you can snag something nice for yourself.  It's also still a very valuable area to sell items that are faction specific.  The cat cage business from alliance to horde still nets a tidy sum to many.

4.   Know your strategy from the start.

Will you rush out to the new zones to grab the new patterns?  List items on the Auction House when you first log in?  Sit and wait for the 6 hours of resets that will happen with the new patch?   You have multiple strategies that you can use when the patch hits live.  Choose one and execute it with the knowledge you have to be flexible at times.  A reed bends in the wind and does not break (yes,  watched way too many kung fu movies when I was growing up).

5.   Enter with an open mind.

Too many players have already decided how they feel about a patch.  All of the changes to glyphs and abilities has marked this patch to some as the demise of warcraft.   But if you go in with an open mind to have fun,  you will be surprised at what occurs.

Keep looking for more information and updates as we march on Orgrimmar.

I want to the cool sword to cut off Hellscreams ponytail

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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