You're Squishing My Items

Gamescon in Germany is almost done.   All the beer,  all the gaming and lots of little tidbits getting released.  

Game Director Tom Chilton,  the grand poohbah of giving us little tidbits of information was asked about item squishing in future expansions.   The basic idea of item squishing is to compress the numbers so that the damage numbers don't become so ridiculous they blow up the game itself.

A good dps during Burning Crusade could crank out 4 digit dps regularly.  As the expansions and stats on items became larger and larger,  the minimum 'good dps' numbers increased exponentially.   To the point that during Mist of Pandaria you saw burst dps that went into 6 digit (yes gang,  that's 100,000+) numbers.

So why talk about this now?   What's the benefits to the gold goblin for item squishing?   Anytime that there is a change in stats on items it brings looking for the best stats to have into play.  With new expansions (and in theory new races) you have lots of players looking for the best weapons to purchase to go back to uber god (or goddess) status.  The basic philosophy of I have what you want and I'm going to charge you a lot of gold for it becomes prevalent again.

So does this mean I'm saying jump out there and buy a bunch of items right now in the long term hope that we can make lots of gold?   Nope,  not at all.  But I would keep an eye on the market and if you see some blues or even epic BOE items on sale to take a few chances.  

In the next week gold goblins are going to be busy prepping for Patch 5.4.   Collecting materials and getting ready to drop into new zones and raids.  But that mental backburner can always be busy thinking whats ahead with the next expansion.  Item Squishing might be your new best friend.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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