10 Rules To Price My Golem.

Mommar here.

Okay,  I will be honest that there really isn't going to be 10 rules.   But I happened to like the ABC show and felt it worked with the title.

The Sky Golem is the second high cost mount that was introduced with the Mists of Pandaria expansion.   Similar to the Jewelcrafting Jeweled Onyx Panther,  this mount will end up being a high expense/high profit mount for the profession.

So on with the rules

1.   It takes 30 days to make enough materials to make this mount.

Assuming you have both an Engineer and an Alchemist you can make these materials yourself.  Both are set on a 24 hour timer with the Jard's Peculiar Energy Source being BOP.  Now there is a work around using a Spirit of War for an accelerated crafting time but they are so expensive that it would be a waste to use these to get the item one day faster.  The Living Steel can be purchased from the AH but,  if you are already needing 30 days to craft the Energy Source it makes just as much sense to use that time to make your own Living Steel Bars.

2.   It's going to be in high demand.

 Everyone wants a fricking transformer.  Even someone starting out in the game and seeing this fly around will want to know how they can get it.  Supply and demand decide the prices on items.

3.   There are many more engineers out there than most people know.

Many players have alternate toons that have engineering on them.  Between Cataclysm and MOP very useful and profitable items were introduced.  Plus those wonderful toys that early engineers get can make the game enjoyable.

4.  I can make it and you can't.

This may sound rude, but Warcraft is not a popularity contest.  Where I believe you can be honest and generous most of the time,  it is not my job to provide someone with cheap items.  The Jeweled Onyx Panther required a player to obtain exalted status with the Order of the Cloud Serpents plus purchase the materials.  The main material that was BOE (you can always buy and bring your own) was the Orb of Mystery. Unless you were one of the lucky ones that had it drop for you the upfront money was between 72,000g and 80,000g.  That by itself prohibits the Jeweled Onyx Panther to be a cheap mount to purchase.  Instead of needing the reputation to craft this you need to have the pattern drop and then remember your daily timer for 30 days.  Players who purchase this item are paying for time instead of up front materials.

5.  Players will craft the Sky Golem for themselves first.

This goes hand and hand with supply and demand.  Starting with the Mechano-hog (or alliance version) from Wrath of the Lich king,  engineers finally got a cool item for themselves.  Alchemist received a cool mount during the Cataclysm campaign.  This is another status item for Engineers to be able to show off with.  So this will limit just how many will be available for the 'normal' non engineers.

So why is it important to know how to price your Sky Golem?  Because we are about halfway through to where the first ones will be born.  Players are already looking to have ones crafted on the cheap.  When the Mechano-hogs were first crafted and it cost 14k in materials players would want one crafted for 9k,  10k,  12k not realizing just how much of a loss that would be.  Even today I will get messages asking me to craft a Mechano-hog bike for 10k.  I explain to them the reasons why that isn't possible and they usually will nod in acceptance.  I have had some that argued with me that I was just trying to rob them and that I wasn't being fair.  Usually I laugh and place the hog on the AH waiting for another sale (I have sold 3 since the end of Cataclysm for 10k profit).

See,  I told you I wouldn't make it to 10 rules.    But I think it's just as important to know now as when the golem first roll off the production line of just where to price them.  Some players will look for a quick profit not knowing the goldmine they sit on.  If a player can afford to buy a mount for 50k,  with just a little bit more work they can afford to buy it for 75k.

Keep this in mind when your ready to craft that first of many transformers to add into your family.  How much is your time and effort worth?   How much do you think is too much profit?

Good Luck and Good Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbear @ gmail. Dot com or find me on twitter at "@JMTCMommar" You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up, and I will buy you a glass of juice. 

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