Bring Me the Alchemist

Mommar here.

The facts are Blacksmiths,  Engineers,  Leatherworkers and Scribes received all of the  Christmas presents with patch 5.4.   In the same lot Alchemist got the short end of an already questionable stick.

But if you have looked at the pricing for Primal Diamonds as well as gem cuts there is a very nice market developing.  Those long forgotten Golden Lotus plants are still relatively cheap on the AH.  with much of the ore being used for transmutes of Trillium and bars to feed into the Blacksmith/Engineer daily needs raw gems have become much more expensive.  And with a short guarantee of getting a blue raw gem with your prospecting it becomes much more financially sound to transmute your own.

If you are like me you have a cubic guild bank ton of the basic gems sitting in one of your storage bays.  Having grown into this game with an aversion of throwing anything away that might be useful (this includes a lot of foodstuffs and old tokens that I hope someday will be back in demand), this will be a nice way to start to empty out that massive collection of gems.

Rings and Neckpiece sales have dried up because of the loot pinata that is Timeless Isle.  A reasonable geared toon can start to chew up turf in Timeless Isle and get the majority of alts geared up quickly.  Think of it similar to getting a tattoo.  Where you may pay 100 dollars for a tattoo,  you are paying a lot of money for the 'after care' products that the shop will sell.  Gems,  enchants and other items are your aftercare products for the Timeless Isle gear.

Also don't poo-poo the Primal Diamond Transmutes.  For the transmutes to be going in excess of 700g just for the diamond itself and a lot more gold for the higher cuts you have a nice profit margin that had been in a lull for a bit.

Don't have an alchemist on the payroll?   Then that's where you can take your fingers and voice to the guild and do some walking.  Everyone wants to earn a few gold pieces, and this is a prime opportunity to save yourself a lot of gold simply by a little bit of discussion with other players.

As patch 5.4 matures you will see a lot less demand for items because the excitement will wane and the grind of dailies will return.  Players will start to drift away waiting for the new expansion.  Keep an eye on your profit margins and don't get stuck with items that can't or won't sell.

Now onto Brewfest.  I need a Root Beer

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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