It's Here... It's Finally HERE!!!!

It is finally here.  The last major patch for the Mists of Pandaria expansion.  Now I did say major because there will be the patch that leads into the next expansion.  But for all intensive purposes this is the last chapter in the story that brought us pandas,  Shas and a really really annoying boss yelling at the Horde all the time.

Today is the last day to be able to get all of your stuff together for those quick flip investments.  I decided to take a little bit of a backseat and not be so anxious to dive into the investment whirlpool from the start.   That doesn't mean I am bare for items to drop on the AH for a large profit, but I'm more interested in seeing the new content during the first week or so.

With the new area opening,  new raid mobs to smack around and the end to an epic storyline there will be plenty to do in those opening days.  New players will be returning to see what the hubbub is, and old players will be weighing their options for the future.

Just like every patch there will be things that go quite well, and other things that fail from the start.  That is the nature of a living,  breathing, changing the game that warcraft is.  A static boring game that never changes ends up dying on the tree.

The important thing tomorrow will be to have fun.  I have said it many times and my full intentions is to enjoy this next patch.  Whether I"m having fun crafting and selling items or raiding for the last time in MOP, having fun becomes the reason I log into the game this week.

That and to fleece all the sheep (whoops,  the goblin escaped there).

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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