Patch 5.4: Mental Preparation

Unless there is a major catastrophe between today and next Tuesday,  patch 5.4 will be in full force.  There have been a lot of comments,  suggestions,  demands about what to save,  how to save it and even what to prepare toon wise.

But there is a different view when it comes to mental preparation for a patch.  It is not just a matter of having your Mountain Dew and Popcorn bowl ready to go for a marathon those first couple of days.  The mental preparation is also about what to expect and how to bounce back.

Players will be running instances at a much larger rate trying to stack their Justice Points and Valor points for the new gear.  That means that there will be players expecting to be carried through instances.  Also there will be players that are impatient because they are just there to blitz to the last boss and move onto the next instance.

Sales other than raw order will dry up for the most part because players will be waiting for the access to the uber gear that is available from the different reputation vendors.  

But my personal favorite will be the chatter in trade chat about how this patch is the worst patch ever. How nothing works,  everything is broken and epic items are not dropping each time players walk over the new island area.  This can become very frustrating for players to have to listen too as they are churning through areas and looking for items.  Very very frustrating to the point that you feel the need to call your therapist for a Warcraft intervention.

Just keep your head above water in the next week and grind out what your goals are.  Don't sweat the small stuff and keep at what is important to you.  Gathering for your professions,  gathering to resell and then being prepared for the carnage that will be patch 5.4.

And if an epic drops for you that first day next week?   Do a little dance and know that you were one of the lucky ones.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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