Timeless Isle: Tagging Is For Rich Chumps

Mommar here.

If you're like me you're always on the hunt for a quick run on the Timeless isle to grab the loot from one of the rare mobs that are around.  You hear the call over trade chat that Jakur of Ordon is getting a little uppity and needs a beat down.   Also if you are like me you have many times rushed over to where the mob is supposed to be at only to arrive just a little late and miss out on the loot pinata (what can i say,  I like referring to the area as such).

Everyone and their mother's uncle are wanting certain rare elites to put down for their goody bags.  It's the nature of the game where elites give cash prizes and the size of your bank account drive all the troll women mad.

The most frustrating part of this is the extra large repair bill that players have talked about getting as they continue to kill the new golden goose at that time.  Nothing wrong with that,  someone has to kill him and you only have 20-25 of your pseudo buddies sitting there whacking away as he throws fire and wind and all sorts of other annoying mechanics to kill you.

But it's all in good fun and good prizes and what is a little gold among repair friends.  I do wonder how many guilds still have the repair funds turned on with their guild banks and that repair cost is getting taken out of the bank (Shhhh don't tell my guild leader this).  Tagging and running can also be a viable, yet cowardly technique to gain the wealth without the cost of the repair bill.   Some of my alts that are just getting to the island just don't have the survival with some of the rare mobs.  Melee especially gets crushed with all the fire running around and adds getting dropped on top of your head.

Ultimately the game tone and how you play is entirely up to you.  As always no one should tell you how to play as long as your not annoying other players.  Success is how you measure it for yourself.  The enjoyment of the game and running around just to get a smack into a rare can be just as exciting as standing there going toe to toe for 5 minutes to get that 496 boots you need.

It's all in the eye of the beholder,  and I am beholding a lesser repair bill.

Good luck and Good Hunting

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