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Many players day involve the dailies that are found on the Timeless Isle.  Other areas that players spend time at but for the most part the action ends up being all around the different areas on the Isle.

One of the main parts of the Timeless Isle mob scene are the elite group mobs that pop up from time to time.  If you have tuned into trade chat at any point you will see people throw up signs that the 'skanky brew event' is up.  Or asking where Evermaw is at currently.   These are obviously announcements that these mobs are up for a few moments to be killed.

Most of the Elite mobs on the Timeless Isle do not have a vast amount of Health Points.  Most of them go down inside a minute or two minutes.  It's important to know this because everyone gets frustrated when they get over to an Elite mob only to see it dead just as you arrive.

I keep a map of the elites on my screen thanks to Handynotes and Handynotes-Timeless Isle Elites on my map so that I can get a quick reference to where a TI elite mob is.  After a few runs I ended up having a basic knowledge of just how much time I had to arrive before the mob is killed.  This cut down on my frustration level.

Certain mobs are linked together for their appearance.  When Evermaw dies he has a chance of dropping a Mist-Filled Spirit Lantern has a chance of dropping.  This is the device that's used to summon the Dread Ship Vazuvius.  The Ship is on a one hour summoning round so if you are good at keeping a mental clock you can expect both the Dread Ship and Evermaw to respond on approximately a one hour clock.

If you don't have a fast moving ship or water walking in your arsenal there is a ship at the southern tip of the map.  If you kill enough of the Cursed Swabbies (they hit hard) a key will drop that unlocks a chest that is in the belly of the ship.   This chest unlocks a Cursed Swabby Helmet which increases your swim speed.   This item helps a lot with keeping up and catching Evermaw on her pathing around the isle. 

One of the other tips that can be offered is on the top part of the mountain.  If your hoping for a drop from one of the mobs on the upper plains area (HoulonBufo or the cast of characters up on the hill,  they die pretty quickly.  It's better to just hang around that area if you want to make sure that you are in on the kill.   I have yet to see any of them last longer than a minute from announcement of them arriving.

Keep your timing in mind for which elite you are wanting a drop from.   Your time is limited from when the elite pops up and the kill.   When you get into the area start spamming whichever quick attack you have.   Melee should be dropping whatever can first get a hit up on the mob to tag him for the loot.  It is up to you if you want to run away like a squeaky girl after you have the tag.

There is an Excellent detailed guide on the different elites and what they drop found here

There are plenty of opportunities on the Timeless Isle for loot,  and skins and ore and all sorts of enjoyment fun.  Just plan ahead and keep from having to strangle your keyboard because you arrived just a little late.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbear @ gmail. Dot com or find me on twitter at "@JMTCMommar" You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up, and I will buy you a glass of juice. 

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