Gold Mercenary

As long as I've been playing World of Warcraft and making gold I've been a member of a guild.  All of these guilds have been self sufficient in their personal crafting as well.  If someone needed something crafted or needed an extra item it was generally either in the guild bank or someone would send it to you.

But at some point when your playing you might realize that you are putting more into the guild than the guild is putting into your enjoyment of the game.  It may be a matter of no longer being on the raiding schedule because you aren't as good as others.  It may be timing or even a personality conflict.  This is a part of the Warcraft life in general.  People come and people go because many times the friendships you have in a game are ethereal in nature.  You are letters on a screen and maybe even a voice on Ventrillo.  But that interpersonal communication isn't there anymore.

This is where a decision can be made in your gaming and gold making career.  Is it time to leave for another guild?   Or just to stay in the guild and be a guild member in name only.  Call it being a mercenary of sorts that you accept the role of fill in when a member is sick.  Can this type of attitude help to increase your gaming enjoyment even more?

I have been a proponent of taking your gold making to the next level for your own personal reasons.  No one should tell you specifically why to make gold.  They can offer suggestions on what your motivation might be for making large quantities of gold.   Ultimately your own reason is what should be pushing your motivation to dominate a game or to stay in the background.  Whichever you choose a big part of these decisions is what you do with your gold.

My own personal story has been laid out over the months I have written here.   Making gold for my guild and providing what crafting was needed for others was a major motivation to play more and more.  Once I stepped down as lead tank for one of the guilds and took a dps position my personal fortune was more focused on what I wanted.   Which mounts and which pets were the most important to me.  Still retaining my personal beliefs in selling to guild mates and my contributions to others.  Changes happen to everyone the longer they play the game of Warcraft.

So as you see your guild winding down,  with less and less people showing interest in raiding.  When your position in the guild changes to second string or even follower it becomes time for a decision.  Is it time to change your motivation towards the guild and become a mercenary for your own self?

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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