Golden Days

Mommar here.

Timeless Isle is a gold mine just for even the casual player.  Spending an hour finishing up the dailies can net you easily 200-400g.  As compared to the thousands that can be made through crafting and manipulating the auction house this might not seem like a lot.

Those that remember the beginnings of the game where a single gold was similar to pulling teeth to obtain.  Players who had thousands of gold in their coffers were rich beyond belief.   Expansions opened up more areas to obtain gold through crafting,  auction house manipulation and doubling of quest rewards when max level was reached.

But at what point does it stop being exciting to obtain gold?   I remember struggling those first 40 levels to obtain enough for my mount.  This was long before Blizzard basically gave you a mount as you hit level 20.  I would squeak as much profit as I could from hit or miss auction house sales and farming items to craft.  Running around Orgrimmar because someone offered a tip for me to craft something from my book.  Each 1g to 5g tip going into my wallet towards my so wanted mount.

Fast forward to now, and gold is not a problem for many.  It isn't even a measuring stick of just how good you are because a player can stumble bumble their way around the world of Pandaria to kill mobs and finish dailies for gold.  The Auction house bristles with large amounts of armor and gear, pets and mounts that are at inflated prices. 

This is where setting personal goals become more important than just looking at the bottom line numbers.  Many players set their sites on a larger than life mount that they want.  With the Black Market Auction House those hard to get mounts become available from time to time.  Mounts from the Collectible Card Game to drops from old instances.  Even just setting a goal of starting from scratch and working your way up to the top.  Anything that gets your mind motivated to go farther and keep your goblin ways from slipping by the wayside.

So what is your goal for the month?   For the next three months?   Are you prepared for the next expansion and just what gold opportunities will be there?  

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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