Making Gold By Asking Mr Robot

Every Warcraft expansion has new sites that become part of the culture.  Sites suck as Elitistjerks has been a hotspot of information for both the casual player as well as the best of the best.

The new kid (or relatively new kid) on the block is   This site is an excellent site on how to setup your new gear to be at it's best.  It's very simple to use and comes with many different abilities.  These include giving you a base plan of what gems and enchants are needed to get your toon into tip top shape.

Normally I wouldn't point to a pay site,  but in this case the free areas that are provided are excellent by themselves.  For the more hardcore raider the pay aspects become icing on the raiding cake.

But this entry isn't about me gushing over an awesome website.  As always,  how can you make gold from a website that tells you what gems and enchants you need.

That is the key right there.   Every spec is covered for all of the different races and class combinations.   And if you take a look at your toon and what gems you need,  it is a guarantee that someone else will need those as well.  More and more players are trying their hand at raiding with the new Looking for raid system.   So as your tinkering with your setup on enchants and gems the information will be revealed of just how much or what you should be selling.  If the haste enchant for gloves is the best for your class,  then the demand will be high.  What gems are you using for your new chest piece?  And just how many others will be using those same gems in the coming weeks?

The bricks to your tower of gold is built on information.  Even if it seems like a piece of information that only you would use.  Many players starve on how to get that last ounce of power out of their new awesome purple pants of doom.  Someone will sell those gems to them,  that someone should always be you.

So add to your arsenal and jump on top of the game.   And be the gold raider that you have always dreamed of being.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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