My Timeless Coin Heart Is Full

For multiple weeks players have been running around the Timeless isle killing mobs,  looting rares and even the occasional PVP scuffle.  The Timeless isle hub is the new endgame expectation that Blizzard has presented.  Its design is to get players caught up on armor requirements to raid and to be able to survive.

If you are like me you have multiple toons running around finishing up the dailies (my two mains it generally takes thirty minutes depending on how many rare mobs pop up and how fast of feet I am that day).  My other two that peruse the loot pinata island tend to take things a little bit slower.   Either way most of my time is spent running from one spot on the island to the other.

Which gives me a large cache of timeless coins to play with.   Having already obtained three Bonkers (putting them on the team named Three Wise Men), as well as multiple pets from the different mobs available (Team Beer is currently my favorite) it is easy to see how monotonous that the Timeless Isle is getting to be.   Also seeing just how many stacks of coins that are in my game portfolio there is a limit of things that can be purchased.

There are two things that can occur after you've purchased all the useable and vanity items for your players.  There are the satchels for the specific armors (cloth,  plate,  mail,  leather) that can be sent to your current enchanter to obtain a Sha Crystal.  You can obtain the Burden of Eternity at 50,000 coins to upgrade all of your armor.  You can even bow down to the gods of Blizzard in the hopes that they might add something new to the vendor later on in the game (probably not going to happen but we can always hope).

This might be the fatal flaw in the new Timeless isle hub is the largest amount of coins that can easily be obtained.  The draw to play the same area over and over is goal orientated.  Players see something they want,  they get enough of whatever is needed to buy that item and then they go and purchase that item.  The process repeats over and over again ad infitem.  Once that draw to repeat an area over and over is removed then you only have raiding available as well as finishing up old quests.  PVP is always an option as well but many players don't like PVP so they just ignore it completely.

Changes might not happen in this expansion,  especially since there is a high possibility of an announcement of the next expansion happening next month at Blizzcon.  But this 'catch up' technique if it occurs in future expansions will need to have some minor changes to keep players coming back for more.

But don't just throw all of those coins out yet.  Blizzard has surprised us in the past so once you have your awesome mount ready to fly keep grinding out some coins for the time being.  If anything you get that imaginary fullness of being rich at least on the Timeless Isle.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbear @ gmail. Dot com or find me on twitter at "@JMTCMommar" You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up, and I will buy you a glass of juice. 

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