Nobody Knows the Golems I Have Sold

Last week the first of the Sky Golems rolled off the engineering production line.   Lets grind out the numbers from the undermine journal to see where we are at:

(Numbers from horde side of the undermine journal)
(I'm using horde side numbers but alliance side will be similar in this case)

Average sales (horde side) 106062g
Market Price (Shandris server) 65,000g

Think of that Average sale as the everything clicks just right and the right buyer gets an itchy finger absolutely wanting that winged wonder for their collection.

Later, looking through the numbers you can see

678 available (horde side)

This is across all of the severs.  So there is a generous amount of these available (there is not a way to be able to tell whether these are flips or actually crafted by engineers.  Let's assume 10% of these are flipped and the rest was crafted).

So you have 30 days minimum between crafting of these per engineer.  The biggest question is should they be sold now or later?

Also don't forget to add that there are two pets (Pierre and Rascal Bot) which require half the materials to create.   These two items are going to affect posted sales for the Sky Golems being crafted. 

But for what has a cool factor of 10 and everyone was drooling over since it was rumored.  Why are these not falling off the shelves in droves?   I would propose that the majority of players who want them cannot afford them.

Follow my train of thought here.  Most players have not the wealth that the upper echelon of gold makers have.  They stumble their way around playing wow,  scraping up enough to pay for a few odds and ends.  Even with the gold pinata that is Timeless isle the majority of players are living paycheck to paycheck to borrow a phrase.

We have an example of this with the Mechano-hog sales that occurred during the Lich King expansion.  For an item that had a minimum crafting cost of between 12-14k there were players that assumed these were easy to craft.  So they would bid 10k.. 9k  even to the point of people arguing they should be only worth 5k in gold.  So now you have an item that costs 3 times the amount of gold just from the start to craft and add a minimum amount of time per each production.  Players do not have the gold to be able to meet the minimum bar needed to purchase.

I have personally flipped two of these for a nice profit and purchased one for myself.  Basically with the profit I made from the two flips I was able to purchase the third one.   But why would I purchase these instead of crafting them myself (I have two engineers that have the pattern and have enough of the materials to craft it by themselves).   Because in the short term the players that had enough money to buy them also had engineers of their own.  So the first one that was produced went into their own collection.  They didn't need it so they weren't buying them from the Auction House.

Obviously the undermine journal says that there are sales for the Sky Golems.  So the money is out there.  But don't be disappointed if your Golems aren't rolling off the shelves.   These are high return items and shouldn't be discounted because you want your profit now.  All that practice from flipping gems and gear will look like chump change when you get into this high cost bracket.  People will start to discount their Golems for a quick profit.  But I am still occasionally selling one of my Mechano-hogs (and have kept the materials on hand) even through two expansions.  10,000g profit now vs 50,000g profit later becomes a no brainer.

So as your flying in your new toy (and it is a blast) keep your head above the water and know your not alone in looking for the next golem sale.  It will happen and you will enjoy rolling around in the gold.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbear @ gmail. Dot com or find me on twitter at "@JMTCMommar" You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server, chat me up, and I will buy you a glass of juice. 

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