Surviving the Raid

Looking for raid is one of the most popular ways of upgrading gear.  The difficulty is medium for most players,  making it very easy to grab a quick raid through the first or second tier of a current raid area.

With 25 man raids being created you will get multiple levels of attitudes when it comes to playing warcraft.  Players with varying amount of skills and abilities joining together for a common good. 

Okay,  that's the nice way of putting it.   Let's face facts,  LFR can stink from time to time.  Undergeared players joining to obtain fat loot the easiest way possible.  Players who are at the top of their game showing their dominance by explaining how everyone sucks unless they pull 100k dps.  Players who are barely there,  looking for a good excuse not to have to finish up their work for the day.  Even players who have imbibed a little too much adult beverages and are proud to announce the fact to the entire raid.

It's a part of the natural occurrence when it comes to raiding to have to have a thick skin.  Sometimes you run into players who are willing to be patient.   Attempting to improve players by explaining options and making the average player into a great player.  I was privileged when I first started raiding by running into a group that helped me become a much better player.  That one patient person allowed me to enjoy the raiding experience instead of turning me off for the rest of my gaming career.

Then on the flip side it was the snide and devious comments of others that had me walk away from raiding for a bit.  Players who had become full of themselves and their importance in life that name calling became their calling card.  At that point in my life I needed World of Warcraft as my outlet for entertainment due to recovering from a serious illness.

The reality is that you will have different types of attitude when it comes to raiding.  There will always be players that are better than you.  There will always be players that are not as good as you.  Players come and go and even in the raiding life that player that's calling everyone a 'noob' will be gone and probably never seen again.

Your attitude and how you carry yourself is a personal choice.  Until players are able to punch people though the screen (hopefully never) then they are just words.  There is no dishonor in walking away and looking for another raid to avoid a Warcraft bully.   They just are not worth the time or the effort to try to change.

Now back into the breach goes the fearless 25.  Mommar needs a new pair of pants.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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