The Blanket Method

Difficulties exist when a gold goblin is trying to cover all of the professions.   It is difficult not to get lost in adding items to your existing mental queue to craft.  Between Leatherworking and Blacksmithing there are 100's of items that can be crafted and placed to make gold.

The balance to find is what items will make the most profit.   I have never been a fan of the blanket method of adding items.  This includes the Malevolent PVP gear that is the on the market.   If tailors have finished all of their cooldowns each day they should have all of the Malevolent PVP patterns available to craft.   Leatherworkers and Blacksmiths have a few more days before all of the patterns are at their disposal.

Already on some servers the PVP belts and PVP boots have lost their profit margins.  They have the lowest amount of materials needed to craft.  These are also the lowest in demand due to the Honor/Conquest points being relatively easy to get.  Pants and Chest pieces tend to sell a lot better than the lower profitable items.

This also means the lower tear from last season has gone down to liquidated pricing.  Occasionally I will see players listing these for the same price that they were sold during last season.  This is unfortunate being ignorant of the market as it is.  Think of last years fashions and how you generally find them on the discount racks at stores.  Yes there is a possibility that you might be able to get a quick sale at a large price.  But the time and effort of relisting it over and over again might not help with paying the bills.  Ultimately that item will become enchanting fodder as well.

The same happened with PVE gear.  Even now it's just easier to Disenchant greens that drop during raids and instances.  On some servers,  especially if you do not have access to and enchanter, it's better to just vendor the greens for the gold that they bring.  But keep in mind that if you are having to continually re-enchant gear due to upgrades (thanks then you might want to still disenchant these items for your own personal enchants.  Enchanters always appreciate you bringing your own materials to the party and just paying a tip for their efforts.

Any gear below 496 and weapons are basically dead.  an hour in the Timeless Isle and you can have the majority of your pieces to make a decent set of gear.  If you are finishing the daily quests continually you will have an extra stack of gear sitting in your bank for when your other toons are able to equip it.  The only items that are still viable are the epic crafted weapons.  Unless you run the older raids, epic weapons are at a premium.  I listed all of my toons and where the weapons drop for them which guides me on where to spend my extra roll tokens.

The gold is still out there.  But moving out of crafting and more into enhancement items (leg armor,  enchanting items,  glyphs) will guide your gold making into the future.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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