Know Your Gear... Know Your Gold

Well boys and girls we are knee deep into the last raids of Mists of Pandaria.  Many players are finishing up their tier sets or best in slot sets and working on Alts.   This means that gear levels become that much more important for the normal raids.

Why do they become important?   Because people will be judging your adequacy in being able to perform in raids by the ilvls of the gear.   Even players in full time ilvl 535 gear get sniffed at and told to go run looking for raid a few times.

The high end crafted gear is caught in the effect that happens end of expansions.  High end raiders will search for that piece of gear that they need to be the best geared for a run.  They manage that expectation with the balance of spending too much for an item.  Take for instance the Belt of the Night Sky.   This is crafted by the tailoring profession using Celestial Cloth x 21.   This means that unless you use the extra celestial cloth creation (which even now the cost of Accelerated Celestial Cloth is prohibitive) you can make one of these every 21 days.

We've talked previously about what your daily cooldown value is.  At the beginning of the expansion your daily cooldown for all of the professions were valuable.   Players were wanting the best gear crafted as fast as possible.  Now those cooldowns have become less valuable because your Pidgeon holed into crafting items for a select few.   This is where supply and demand backfires.

But there is something to remember.  Certain items that are on cooldown such as Jard's Peculiar Energy Source will continue to be valuable even after the MOD expansion is put to bed.   The Golem and two pets (Pierre and Rascal-Bot) will continue to be in demand even during the Warlords of Draenor expansion.

So keep this in mind as your determining your crafting costs and sales.  Determining whether you can sell that 496 weapon from Blacksmithing anymore or needing to 'upgrade' it to the higher demand weapon.  Your time is gold and gold is always part of your time.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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